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Hard Femdom Ballbusting
Mistress beat his balls

[Image: 2768BL2.jpg]
[Image: 2768BL1.jpg]

Size: 118 Mb
Time: 00:08:19
Video: MP4 1280x720

Ballbusting Cruelty

[Image: 2769BL2.jpg]
[Image: 2769BL1.jpg]

Size: 244 Mb
Time: 00:09:55
Video: MP4 1920x1080

Mistress Asia Perez kicks brutally in the balls Andrea Dipre

[Image: 2770BL2.jpg]
[Image: 2770BL1.jpg]

Size: 134 Mb
Time: 00:08:47
Video: MP4 1280x720

Testing A New Ballbusting Slave Out

This slave wrote in to Us and wanted to get kicked in its balls by the Mean Girls sooo bad. And guess what? He followed Our directions to the letter- and we made it happen for him! Amber decided to put him through his paces to see what he could take, before we bring him over to the Mean Girl Manor and we ALL take Our turn kicking him. He had to pay for the privilege of getting his balls kicked in by Amber though, of course. Even getting kicked in the BALLS by girls as hit as Us is an honor! He had to hand $20 over to Amber and BEG for more after every time he went down. Haha.

[Image: 2771BL2.jpg]
[Image: 2771BL1.jpg]

Size: 485 Mb
Time: 00:15:24
Video: MP4 1920x1080

Miss Jasmine - Push It Out With Your Cum

As this scene opens, we see Miss Jasmine sitting on her slave's stomach while his head lays beneath her toilet. She says that although his hard cock is near her pussy, she's obviously not going to fuck him. "Well, this is sort of like fucking," she says, as she spreads lube onto his cock and reveals a giant metal sounding device. She slips the tip inside him and begins to stroke his dick. His hungry cock soon eats the instrument up and it slides further into him.
"I haven't let him cum in a while; I've kept him busy worshiping my feet, abusing his balls, trampling him, and p1ssing on him," Jasmine says. The entire time she explains this, she strokes his cock and works the instrument in and out, literally fucking his cock. She says she has promised that he can cum for doing so well, but he can only do so while being sounded. Soon, the sound slides all the way in and Miss Jasmine strokes vigorously in order to get him off. The slave begins to moan with pleasure and soon the metal rod shoots from his cock along with a big juicy load of cum. "Next week I'll fuck you with two sounds," Jasmine says with a smile.

[Image: 2772BL2.jpg]
[Image: 2772BL1.jpg]

Size: 291 Mb
Time: 00:03:59
Video: MP4 1920x1080


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