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Wrestling - female domination
Mahea Dominates

This is Mahea's most dominant match. She has really lost patience with her male victim and is putting on the holds with extra force. Mahea swarms all over the guy, trapping him in technically perfect scissors, chokes, guillotines and armbars. She's like a perfectly conditioned cat playing with her prey. What's worse, she freqwuently totally ignores many of his tap-outs! In her crushing final headscissors sequence, the poor guy has to tap seven separate times before she finally releases him! He really should have known better than to take to the mats with a trained martial artist like Mahea!

[Image: 1210WD2.jpg]
[Image: 1210WD1.jpg]

Size: 310 Mb
Time: 00:21:17
Video: MP4 1280x720


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